IMTC participants annually identify and prioritize studies, infrastructure improvements, and projects that will enhance cross-border mobility.

Projects are funded through various partnerships. Since IMTC is a forum and not an organization itself, projects identified by IMTC participants are managed by individual agencies. This section of the website includes projects currently underway or recently completed, as well as an archive of projects undertaken since IMTC was founded in 1997.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Core Group has not had a chance to meet to approve a new project priority list since 2019. The following list is the most recent list to date. These projects are not funded and do not have an identified funding source.



  • 2023 Cascade Gateway Advanced Border Information System – Planning Phase

    ITS Project — This project will evaluate technologies to replace and improve aging wait time systems at the Cascade Gateway system of border crossings between the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and Whatcom...

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  • 2022 Commercial Vehicle Operations Study

    Research Project — IMTC participants have identified the need to periodically evaluate commercial vehicle operations (CVO) at the Cascade Gateway’s three ports-of-entry as a priority for informing regional investment strategies, and to analyze...

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  • COVID-19 Impacts on Cascade Gateway Freight

    Research Project — This project used IMTC’s Border Data Warehouse, US trade and transportation data sources, and 2016 IMTC Border Freight Operations Study data to describe and analyze the impacts of COVID 19...

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  • Covid-19 Border Restrictions

    Research Project — The ongoing global pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has led to restricted border crossings and an altered Cascade Gateway. This section outlines available data on how the restrictions have impacted...

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  • Modeling Pre-Primary Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) of Empty Commercial Vehicles

    Research Project — This project uses discrete event simulation modeling to analyze the effects of processing empty commercial vehicles through a non-intrusive inspection (NII) portal as a pre-primary strategy to improve commercial processing...

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  • Border Data Warehouse 3.0

    ITS Project — This project upgraded the existing border wait time data warehouse located at The database stores passenger and commercial vehicle wait times, volume, and other data relating to vehicle traffic...

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  • 2018/2019 Passenger Intercept Surveys

    Research Project — IMTC participants have identified the need to periodically evaluate trip details of passenger vehicle travelers crossing at the five Cascade Gateway ports-of-entry (including Point Roberts/Boundary Bay most recently). These surveys help...

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  • Dynamic Border Management

    Operations Project — This project consisted of three initiatives that reflect current IMTC priorities that offer lasting benefits to the Cascade Gateway. Border facility simulation modeling – Simulation modeling enables detailed comparisons of investment alternatives and...

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