Future IMTC Projects


Note: These projects are not funded and do not have an identified funding source. Once funding is available they will be removed from this list.

  1. RFID Travel Document Targeted Distribution Pilot & Performance Evaluation
  2. Pacific Highway Cross-Border Pedestrian Route Improvements
  3. Coordination of Binational Planning – The IMTC Program
  4. Cascade Gateway Border Circulation Analysis Phase II
  5. WA State Route 548 Rail Grade Separation Study/Design
  6. Commercial vehicle wait-time assessment/validation
  7. Additional Passenger Inspection Booths at CBP Pacific Highway
  8. Pacific Highway Southbound Lane-to-Booth Traffic Flow Improvements
  9. Pacific Highway Northbound Active Lane Management
  10. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Border Wait Time System
  11. Cascade Gateway Border Data Warehouse 3.0 Upgrade
  12. CBSA Pacific Highway Port-of-Entry Redevelopment
  13. Douglas Metered Arrival Signal System/Anti-Idling Zone
  14. Abbotsford-Huntingdon/Sumas & Aldergrove/Lynden Assessment
  15. Regional Cross-Border Mail Study
  16. Boundary Bay Port-of-Entry Redevelopment
  17. Commercial Vehicle Freight & Operations Study