The International Mobility and Trade Corridor Program

About The IMTC

The International Mobility and Trade Corridor Program (IMTC) is a bi-national coalition of government, business interests, and non-governmental entities that supports improvements to safety, mobility, and security for the Cascade Gateway – the five land border ports-of-entry connecting Western Washington State and Lower Mainland British Columbia.

The IMTC Program is administered by the Whatcom Council of Governments (WCOG), a U.S. metropolitan planning organization (MPO) in Bellingham, Washington. Being largely comprised of government agency representatives, the IMTC coalition does not advocate for regulatory or legislative changes. Rather, through the IMTC Program, participants coordinate planning, identify shared system needs, and optimize investments and operations through collaboration, innovation, and partnership.

The goals of the IMTC program are to:

  1. Coordinate planning
  2. Improve regional, cross-border trade and transportation data
  3. Support border infrastructure improvements
  4. Support coordinated implementation of U.S. and Canadian border policy
  5. Improve operations

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Since 1997, IMTC has served as a model of regional coordination on border issues and has helped assemble over $40 million (USD) from U.S. and Canadian partners to pursue the shared goals listed above.

Over fifty organizations participate regularly in IMTC. IMTC is led by the Whatcom Council of Governments.

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IMTC Performance Measures

Performance measurements provide periodic indicators of effectiveness relative to goals and are an important part of managing the IMTC program. As part of an ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the IMTC cross-border forum, a Performance Review is completed every year to guide the activities of the forum for the following year. For more information about IMTC performance metrics, please contact Melissa Fanucci, Principal Planner, at (360) 685-8385.

2018 IMTC Performance Review

2017 IMTC Performance Review

2016 IMTC Performance Review

2015 IMTC Performance Review