2023 Data Digest

Trade is down from pre-pandemic levels but has increased since 2021.

Lynden/Aldergrove’s trade values have dramatically increased, with 95% more U.S. exports and 44% more Canadian exports coming through the port in 2022 as compared to 2019.

Sumas/Abbotsford – Huntingdon saw the greatest decrease with a 14% reduction in U.S. exports since 2019. And Pt. Roberts/Boundary Bay Canadian exports are down 64% in 2022 as compared to 2019.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has data to show how the total value of commodity groups has changed over the last five years. In an analysis comparing 2022 with both 2021 and 2019, the category of “Service” has expanded. Commodities labeled service are up 64% from 2019 and up a dramatic 219% from 2021.

The other increases of note include a 116% increase of minerals from last year, and a 34% increase of transportation-related goods (cars included) since 2021.

In the 2022 IMTC Commercial Vehicle Operations Survey, samples of commodity data were collected.