2020 Data Digest

Updated August, 2020
Available as a 1.6mb PDF here

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Melissa Fanucci, AICP
Principal Planner
Whatcom Council of Governments
(360) 685-8385

Every year, the Whatcom Council of Governments (WCOG) publishes a compilation of data on how the Cascade Gateway system of land ports-of-entry has changed over the last year.

This year, it is difficult to compile statistics from 2019 without thinking about how shockingly different these figures will be in 2020. The land ports-of-entry closed to all but essential traffic on March 21, 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic, and are still closed as of the writing of this report. Many of the studies, analyses, and cross-border statistics that we compile to monitor the performance of border transportation do not seem pertinent to the border activity we currently see. These are not normal times.

Yet it is important to look at how the Cascade Gateway appeared in 2019 prior to the coronavirus epidemic so we can use this information to better anticipate how changes in 2020 will impact the people and the economy of our region. We hope this information, provided digitally here for easier access to all, will be useful for those attempting to model, forecast, and identify trends.