Weigh-in-Motion Software

Weigh-in-Motion Software

Status: Completed in 2003 — ITS Project

This project used communication and information technologies to integrate  commercial vehicle border inspection and trade processing systems to improve the efficient, safe, and legal movement of trade and commercial transportation across the border.


This project focused on integrating commercial vehicle database systems between the weigh scale inspection facilities at the border crossing (Pacific Highway, off B.C. Highway 15) and  eastbound on Trans Canada Highway 1 at the Port Mann weigh scale.

Why this project was needed

While truck weigh scales are a critical component of the safety of regional transportation systems, they also interrupt transportation and negatively impact the efficient movement of goods through the region. In order to improve processing times of commercial vehicles at weigh scales and to expedite truck travel, this project set about sharing weigh scale data between these weigh scales. Shared data allows for certain trucks to skip the second weigh scale.


This project integrated weigh-in-motion (WIM) software used at the Pacific Highway weigh scale on B.C. Highway 15 and the weigh scale at Port Mann to enable selective inspection of trucks eastbound. Work completed included design, software development, and engineering.