Sumas Dynamic Routing Signage

Sumas Dynamic Routing Signage

Status: Completed 2014 — ITS Project

Improvements to northbound traffic movements in the City of Sumas were needed to address border-related congestion that blocks city streets and access to the port for commercial vehicles. This project provided an alternate route signage system for when lengthy passenger vehicle queues block access to the commercial truck spur.


The project was located on city streets in Sumas, Washington.

Why this project was needed

When northbound passenger vehicles are delayed at the Abbotsford-Huntingdon Port-of-Entry, they queue down the center of the City of Sumas on Cherry Street. A long line often blocks access to Garfield Street, which is the turn-off for commercial vehicles to access the northbound port-of-entry.

This project installed a message sign along State Route 9 that alerts commercial drivers to take an alternative route, bypassing any passenger vehicle queues to have direct access to the commercial port-of-entry. The sign is operated by the City of Sumas.

Funding & Partnerships

This project was funded by:

  • U.S. Federal Highway Administration:
  • WA State Department of Transportation:
  • City of Sumas: