The International Mobility and Trade Corridor Program

Border Access Improvements: FAST & NEXUS Lanes

Status: Completed in 2007


To provide improved border access for trusted trader (FAST) and trusted traveler (NEXUS) programs, several projects were constructed to provide dedicated approach lanes, and better streamline southbound traffic.


Dedicated lanes and approach route changes were constructed at the B.C. Highway 15/WA State Route 543 Pacific Highway Port-of-Entry southbound, and at the B.C. Highway 99/Interstate-5 Peace Arch/Douglas Port-of-Entry southbound.

Why this project was needed

The NEXUS Program provides enrolled, pre-approved travelers access to a dedicated lane for expedited border inspection. Similarly, the FAST Programs, allow pre-enrolled and compliant commercial movements to use a dedicated lane and bypass queues of non-FAST trucks.

The security and mobility benefits of these programs depend on voluntary enrollment so ensuring travel-time reductions though queue bypass and reduced border processing is an important part of the strategy. Changes and additions to existing infrastructure has been needed to support the FAST and NEXUS program strategies.


At Pacific Highway, this project constructed a southbound commercial lane specifically designated for FAST trucks.  The project also re-aligned all other commercial traffic at 4th Avenue to provide a safer and more direct route to a new truck staging area, as well as signalization to provide for better queuing at the border.Construction was completed in 2005.

For Pacific Highway, an additional project extended a newly designated NEXUS lane on BC Highway 15 from 8th Avenue in Surrey to the U.S. port-of-entry. Construction was completed in 2005, and signage improvements were installed in 2006 and 2007.

At the Peace Arch crossing, B.C. Ministry of Transportation constructed an extended NEXUS lane from its original termination point near the Canadian inspection facility to the 8th Avenue interchange, improving access to the lane during peak travel periods. This construction completed in 2005.

Funding & Partnerships

Highway 15 Southbound FAST Lane:

Highway 15 Southbound NEXUS Lane:

Highway 99 Southbound NEXUS Lane: