The International Mobility and Trade Corridor Program

Aldergrove-Lynden Border Assessment

Status: Completed in 2011


This project assessed current and future trade and travel transportation demand at the Aldergrove/Lynden port-of-entry, and identified needs for infrastructure and operational changes.


This study focuses on the Lynden/Aldergrove Port-of-Entry that connects B.C. Highway 13 and WA State Route 539.

Why this project was needed

In 2009 Canada Border Services Agency announced they would be looking at options for replacing the facility at the Aldergrove port-of-entry, which currently serves predominantly passenger traffic, and permit-only commercial vehicle traffic. The discussion of the port replacement highlighted the need to understand current and future cross-border travel demand better, especially in light of freight-processing alternatives being reviewed for this port-of-entry.


An IMTC subcommittee was established to gather and review data for all interested stakeholder agencies to use as they plan long-term strategies for the port-of-entry. A technical assessment of the crossing was completed, analyzing traffic demand, trade trends, regional economic connections, and possible implications of traffic route changes. Agency technical memos were also collected to reference planned and needed infrastructure and operational changes.


$20,000 (est.)

Funding & Partnerships

This project was funded by: